Friday, 30 May 2014

Bikini Season - Everyday for ABikiniADay

Bikini season is almost here boys & girls. Eeee! Summer is most definitely my favourite time of year & frolicking in the sun has got to be my favourite past time - Not something we get to do all that often in dreary old England. However if you're jetting off in search of sunshine this summer, I am sure you are already obsessing over getting your abs and ass trim for the beach.

With holidays looming close for many of us I've notice the swimwear section in all my favourite shops packed full of girls trying to find the most cute and flattering designs. All the glossy mags, along with my bible Women's Health are doing features on which bikini shape flatters which body shape, to help you girls out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.12.27 PM

My favourite Bikini on A Bikini A Day - a triangle beauty from Body Glove

 (image taken from A Bikini A Day)

So recently (being a bikini addict myself) I've been looking to the girls over at  ABikiniADay for inspiration! As it says on the tin, they feature a new bikini every day and they also have weekly giveaways (not to be missed!). Natasha and Devin, the founders, are both from white sandy beach towns (not jealous in the slightest) and have lived in bikinis all their lives. They began a website when travelling together about the different bikinis they wore! And  ABikiniADay was born! It truly is an amazing site and they now have a shop too as well as a unique blog.

What better way to reward yourself for all that hard work in the gym, then a pretty new bikini to show your work off! Also be sure to check out their booty shaping workout - incorporate it into your programme now to get beach ready!

The Lean Elite X

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