Friday, 30 May 2014

Stand up straight, they said

Now with all this bad weather, I have noticed all city dwellers (including myself) running awkwardly in the miserable rain, huddled over worse than the hunchback of Notre dame, all clutching at their coats, eyes to the ground. Firstly, why do we do that? Hunching over doesn’t keep us any drier, I still get rained on the same amount if I straighten my back ... but don’t get the back ache. So this is all reminded me of something I was told by one of my trainers at dance school. Do not ever ever slouch! Always hold your core and back strong, otherwise your body won’t know what to do, you tell it to be strong most of the day and then let it relax into a curved position after. I’m sure we were all told to ‘sit-up don’t slouch’ as children, and that was drilled into me every day at dance school…  This in mind, my trainer told me that posture can affect your mood, a straighter back can lift your spirits.

I promise I’m not making this up, there is a technical term call ‘chi energy flow’. The idea is that energy flows through your body, and when you have a bad posture (all you couch slouchers) , it takes longer for the energy to flow through your body, as the route it takes is longer. If you really think about it, it does make sense, when your back is straight, energy will flow more efficiently through your body, therefore you should feel more energised and enthused. When hunched over your energy flow is cut and this affects your mood – so for all of us emotional eaters out there… Bad posture = Bad mood = We normally won’t make the best food decisions.

Now – I completely understand this sounds a bit out there and ‘spiritually far-fetched’. But honestly it works! Try to make a conscious effort to stand a little taller and straighter, if you don’t feel the increase in ‘energy flow’ I guarantee you will feel and look more confident. And if you hold your core strong whilst doing this (which is impossible to do when slouching) – then you’re giving your abs a good workout at the same time.  So my busy bees, you can sneak in an ab workout when walking around the shops, buying new beachwear (like I have been doing every lunch hour) - It really is win win!

(Image is not my own - I Googled)

The Lean Elite x

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